Wouter van HerwerdenHi, my name is Wouter and my clients best know me as MacDaddy!

In the early 90’s I converted from PC to Apple Mac. At that time I was looking for a new and different way to integrate computers into our families daily life. Mac was definitely not perfect, but offered a friendlier interface for new users. After adapting and working with Mac for many years, and passionate by the new innovations, I earned the name MacDaddy.

In 1995 I started offering my MacDaddy Services such as troubleshooting, tutoringsupport and consulting, to help students and adults understand how to use Mac.

After 17 years Apple is the hottest thing out there! I have built a strong client -base through referrals. Now I feel that I can share my knowledge and expertise with you.

I can provide a host of Mac related services for you or your business. We can meet locally in Pacific Palisades, or telephone or online support including Skype and Messages.

My services include HomeKit, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac Laptops, iMacs, Mac Pro, Apple TV, Airport, Time Capsule including Photos, Mail, Contacts, Safari, Pages, Word and Calander to name a few. I can also help you to create your website, hosting and domain.

MacDaddy also offers a membership to access online video tutorials, newsletters and articles on my blog. For more details please contact me, and we can discuss your interest and issues.  I’m here for you!

Thank you for visiting and I look forward chatting or seeing you,

Wouter van Herwerden,