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So, when you’re working on a computer, what are the two, most important words you should think about most often? The answer, ‘Back up’! You probably already use some form of back up, either Time Machine, or iCloud or another cloud service. You might even have your computer connected to a firewire drive, or you save to DVD, although this has become increasingly hard to do these days because of space limitations.

If you’ve ever had a computer crash – and I have – uggghhh! – you’ll know the panic feeling! One of the first thoughts which went through my mind was “Oh, no! Have I lost all my contacts and my calendar data?”. I certainly don’t keep paper copies of either my address book or my calendar. Nightmare!

However, there’s a really simple way to back up both your Contacts and Calendar. Here’s how.

First, open the Contact app. You’ll find it either in your Dock or in the Applications Folder.


Now, go the File Menu and select Export…Contacts Archive


This will make a back up of your Contacts in an Archive form. So, if you ever lose your Contacts, you can simply restore from the Archive. It will ask you to name the file – it defaults to the date – which I always just keep – and where you want to save it.


This file is so small, that you can save it to a flash drive, which, by the way, I do as well as putting it my Dropbox. So, I’ve always got a handy back up just in case. Remember, don’t put your back ups on your computer. Never store your back ups in the same place as your originals.

You can also choose the Select All option from the Edit menu (Command-A) and save your Contacts as v-Cards. You can email these to yourself, which is another great way to back up your data.

To back up your Calendar, basically, you go through the same process. Open the Calendar app, go to the File Menu and select Export-Calendar Archive.

Trust me you’ll sleep easier now.

Click here for more detailed info! Where I discuss other items on your computer, which you want to ensure are backed up, so that you don’t have to ever worry. A friend of mine, once said, I’ve never met a computer or a hard drive that won’t one day crash, so remember to back up, no matter what the manufacturer says!