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So, when you're working on a computer, what are the two, most important words you should think about most often? The answer, 'Back up'! You probably already use some form of back up, either Time Machine, or iCloud or another cloud service. You might even have your computer connected to a firewire drive, or you save to DVD, although this has become increasingly hard to do these days because of space limitations. If you've ever had a computer crash - and I have - uggghhh! - you'll know the panic feeling! One of the first thoughts which went through my mind was "Oh, no! Have I lost all my contacts and my calendar data?". I certainly don't keep paper copies of either my address book or my calendar. Nightmare! However, there's a really simple way to back up both your Contacts and Calendar. Here's how. First, open the Contact app. You'll find it either in your Dock or in the Applications Folder. Now, go the File Menu and select Export...Contacts Archive This Read the full article →

The Complete Guide to Buying an External Display for Your Mac

Jordan Merrick on May 13th 2013 with 16 Comments Tutorial Details Topics: Display, Productivity Difficulty: Beginner Estimated Completion Time: 30 Minutes View post on Tuts+ BetaTuts+ Beta is an optimized, mobile-friendly and easy-to-read version of the Tuts+ network. Apple sells more portable Macs than desktops – but that’s a lot of Macs with a display of 15” or less. You can use an external display on any portable Mac and iMac but so many different display types, connectors, sizes, how do you know what type of display to go for? In this guide we’ll explore how you can find your perfect second (or third) display.   Why An Additional Display? If you often find yourself ⌘-Tabbing between apps on your Mac or you’ve ever attempted to use an app such as Xcode on an 11” Macbook Air then you may benefit from some additional screen real estate. Having a second display allows you to make use of many more pixels. To best explain Read the full article →

Advice from an Apple Tech: When your Mac takes a fall

Chris Barylick May 21, 2013 3:30 AM print If you’ve never heard that noise before, you’re bound to hear it someday: that amazing, dull crunch as your Mac slips out of your hands or off a desk and makes a date with the ground at 9.8 meters per second squared, gravity having played the role of a yenta-like matchmaker bringing together your computer and an admirably dense surface. The crunch registers in your brain, and you have a sudden mental image of the universe collapsing. JULIANBL/NEOWIN.NETA MacBook Pro that fell out of a motorcyclist's backpack. Here’s how to make the best of a terrible situation, get as much of your data back as possible, and avoid a similar disaster if your Mac decides to smooch the ground again somewhere down the line. Pick it up, clean it off After your Mac falls, calm down, pick it up, look over the damage, and clean away whatever dirt and detritus you can. From there, make sure that your Mac is turned off, and then weigh Read the full article →

In the wake of the Flashback Trojan, Apple quietly puts out an updated Java security patch

UPDATE: Click this link to download Instructions and Scripts to check your Mac for any infections from Flashback Trojan. (These files have been created and checked by MacDaddy to be safe!) Earlier this week, Apple released a Java security update, 2012-001, to patch the Flashback vulnerability that a security company claims affected 600,000 Macs. April 5, 2012 Late this evening, we are getting reports from readers that a new version of the Java update is becoming available via Software Update. . The latest update, Java for OS X 2012-002, supersedes the -001 update Apple released earlier this week, and indeed the KB article linked from the -002 update is still the -001 version (below). Update: Apple sent a note out to its Java Community, below, with the ‘why’ (small issue they are the same but for a few symlinks and version numbers.) Thanks Jessie! Java developers, Today we re-shipped our Java 1.6.0_31 for OS X Lion today to address a critical issue we found in Xcode and Read the full article →

Apple and the year ahead

by Dan Moren,   Dec 30, 2011 9:00 am Assuming apocalyptic doomsday predictions from South America don’t come to fruition, 2012 is poised to be a different kind of year for Apple. In 2011, the company rolled out significant updates to most of its products—including two major new operating system versions—and also introduced a new Web platform to glue all of its devices and platforms together. But the company also lost its most significant figure, Steve Jobs, and had a new man officially take the reins of the company. SIMILAR ARTICLES Review: MacBook Air (first-generation) 2011 in review: The year in Mac The 27th Annual Editors’ Choice Awards The 27th Annual Editors’ Choice Awards: Hardware What you need to know about Thunderbolt Remembering Steve Jobs, the man who saved Apple Given all of that, it would seem that 2012 might have to be a quiet year by comparison. But Apple’s not the kind of company to stand still. Read the full article →

How to make a solid Mac backup plan

What should you back up, and how? Prioritize your data and keep it safe. by Christopher Breen,   Jan 13, 2011 9:01 am You know you should back up your data. And many of you also know that Apple’s made it easy to do with the Time Machine technology that's built into Leopard and Snow Leopard. Yet the majority of people do not regularly back up their data. While some may fail to do so because they believe it’s a complicated process, and others because of their misplaced faith in the robustness of hard drives, many Mac users simply don’t have a reasonable idea of what to back up and how to best go about it. That’s where we can help. SIMILAR ARTICLES Is Time Machine all you need? Use an old Mac as a backup server Lion: The Complete Macworld Review Essential Mac Maintenance: Rev up your routines Take Control of Mac OS X Backups: Part Two Review: MacBook Air (first-generation) What should you backup? Perhaps the best Read the full article →

MacDaddy Data Recovery Service

MacDaddy Data Recovery Service, recovers data from HFS/HFS+, FAT, NTFS & other file systems right on your Mac. It helps you undelete Mac OS files using itstwo powerful Mac recovery methods: Quick or Deep scanning. MacDaddy data recovery for Mac OS X locates and recovers deleted files from any mountable media like your main drive, external hard disk, memory cards, iPods Classic, etc. MacDaddy can recover deleted files for Mac OS X: photos, music, documents, applications, specific Mac OS X and other file formats.

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New Mac OS X Trojan horse hijacks GPU, steals user data

By Chris Smith Published: 07:37 PM EST (04:37 PM PST) Related AppleInsider articles: Fake Adobe Flash malware seeks to disable Mac... New Mac OS X Trojan disguises itself as Adobe... Apple erases emerging Mac OS X trojan via... Apple releases Mac OS X update to catch MAC... New malware attacks Mac OS X users through... A new Trojan horse hidden in a Mac OS X application can steal sensitive user data and take control of the computer’s GPU to generate Bitcoins, a form of currency used online. In a report released on Saturday, security firm Sophos said that DevilRobber, a Trojan horse that can steal sensitive user data, wasfound hidden inside copies of Graphic Converter 7.4 downloaded from bit-torrent file-sharing sites. DevilRobber, also known as "OSX/Miner-D," can steal usernames and passwords and is capable of spying on users by taking screenshots of their activity and sending the images online. In addition, the Trojan is able to Read the full article →

iTunes Match hits US ‘end of October’ for $24.99

By Christopher Trout  posted Oct 4th 2011 at 1:50PM Breaking News We already had the details on iTunes Match, but now we've got a ballpark release date. According to Apple, the iTunes service will make its debut by the end of the month in the great U S of A, and it can be yours for $24.99 a year. Here's hoping Apple's got a nice, clean (DRM-free 256kbps AAC file) version of Monster Mash floating in the cloud for your Halloween listening pleasure. Read the full article →