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‘Pegasus’ iOS malware package also found to impact OS X, Apple issues patch

By Mikey Campbell Thursday, September 01, 2016, 05:06 pm PT (08:06 pm ET) Apple in a patch last week blocked a particularly nasty malware package called "Pegasus" from infiltrating iOS devices, and the company is now doing the same for its OS X desktop operating system. Apple on Thursday issued security updates for OS X 10.10 Yosemite, OS X 10.11 El Capitan and Safari to address a vulnerability that potentially allows nefarious agents to take over a target device with a single click. Dubbed "Pegasus," the assault package leverages three zero-day vulnerabilities to remotely jailbreak and install a suite of monitoring software onto a victim's device. One of the key tools in the process is an exploit that takes advantage of a memory corruption flaw in Safari WebKit. The vulnerability allows attackers to deliver the malware payload when a target clicks on a link leading to a malicious webpage. Once installed, Pegasus exploits kernel flaws to upgrade privileges, allowing Read the full article →

Malwarebytes reports new OS X malware that could easily fool less technical users

by Ben Lovejoy No MacDaddy reader is going to be at risk from malware that directs users to a scam website and asks them to download software, but Malwarebytes has discovered a previously unknown piece of Mac malware that could easily fool less technical users. Thomas Reed, lead researcher at Malwarebytes, told us that he found the malware on a scam page hosted on the official Advanced Mac Cleaner website … It does rely on a naive user approving a request to install Advanced Mac Cleaner on their machine, but doing so also installs a second app known as Mac File Opener. Reed said that it wasn’t initially obvious how the app could force users to launch it. Even more intriguing, this app didn’t have any apparent mechanism for being launched. It hadn’t been added to my login items. There wasn’t a new launch agent or daemon designed to load it. It simply seemed to be sitting there, doing nothing. But some digging found that the Info.plist file within the app defined Read the full article →

Apple Watch

Welcome to Apple Watch. To take advantage of its size and location on your wrist, we’ve given Apple Watch new interactions and technologies. These Guided Tour videos will show you how to use them to do all kinds of amazing things. Watch the “Welcome” Guided Tour Read the full article →

Apple’s new iPad Pro ad positions the device as a full-fledged computer

August 1st, 2016 Chance Miller - @ChanceHMiller IPAD PRO Apple today has shared a new advertisement on its YouTube channel for the iPad Pro. The ad positions the iPad Pro as a true replacement for a computer and is entitled, “iPad Pro – What’s a Computer?” Essentially, the ad is attempting to convince viewers to forget what they normally think of when they think of computers, because the iPad Pro is capable enough to be a computer in and of itself. “You think you know what a computer is, but then you see this one. Meet iPad Pro,” the video description. The video itself shows off a variety of different functions of the iPad Pro, including its Smart Keyboard, Apple Pencil, split-view, picture-in-picture video, and more. The video concludes with, “Imagine what your computer could do if your computer was an iPad Pro. Earlier today, new data from IDC showed that Apple is increasing its worldwide tablet lead in Q2 despite the decline in iPad sales. During the Read the full article →

Getting Ready for iOS 9: How to backup your device and set up the new iPhone & iPad OS

  Sarah Guarino HOW-TO IOS DEVICES With iOS 9 launching today, it’s worth taking a look at how you should prepare your device for the new operating system. Before installing the update, it is recommended that you have a backup of your data. This how-to is going to walk you through backing up your iOS 8 device and transitioning it over to iOS 9: First things first, let’s discuss the two different methods of backing up your iOS Device. You have two different options: Backing up to iCloud or Backing up to iTunes. 1. Backing up to iCloud. If you have iCloud set up, iCloud will automatically back up your data whenever your device is charging, locked and connected to Wi-Fi. To check to see if you have iCloud set up to backup, first make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi network by opening up Settings. Then tap on Wi-Fi. Then scroll down until you see iCloud and tap on iCloud. Then press on Backup. Then you want to make sure iCloud Backup is Read the full article →

New iOS spyware steals pictures, data, and more even from non-jailbroken iPhones & iPads

Martyn Williams@martyn_williams Feb 4, 2015 2:02 PM The spyware, called XAgent, is delivered via a phishing attack using a technique called island hopping. In that, the phones of friends and associates of the true target are first infected and then used to pass on the spyware link. It’s based on the assumption that the target is more likely to click on links from people they know than from strangers. Once installed, XAgent will collect text messages, contact lists, pictures, geo-location data, a list of installed apps, a list of any software processes that are running and the WiFi status of the device. That information is packaged and sent to a server operated by the hackers. XAgent is also capable of switching on the phone’s microphone and recording everything it hears. XAgent runs on both iOS 7 and iOS 8 phones, whether they’ve been jailbroken or not. It is most dangerous on iOS 7 since it hides its icon to evade detection. On iOS 8 it isn’t hidden and Read the full article →