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MacDaddy is a professional web design firm based in Los Angeles, California, that provides custom web design services and solutions to businesses across the world. As a leading web design company, we focus on merging innovative ideas and custom website design to achieve effective online results at affordable rates.

The MacDaddy team consists of some of the best web designers in LA. We strategically develop creative that effectively represents your brand online. Our rates are very competitive among web design companies in LA. Contact us today for an evaluation of your website design project.


Web Hosting you can trust!

Some people choose their first website hosting company for strange reasons, like a beautiful spokesmodel or because they think they’ll save $3/month. Ouch.

Most MacDaddy customers come to us after being dissatisfied somewhere else. Why? Because we actually care about making you successful. We truly provide great support. We really monitor the performance of our servers. We deliver what others only promise.

Make MacDaddy Hosting your first choice and save time and hassle. If you don’t, we hope that everything goes great for you. But if it doesn’t, we will be happy to be your next web hosting provider.


[web-mas-ter, ‐mah-ster]
(sometimes initial capital letter ) a person who designs or maintains a Web site.

Automatic Website Backup Service

Isn’t Backup My Web Host’s Responsibility?
Most web hosts will only perform “server wide” backups for disaster recovery, but what if anything bad should happen to your website(s) or account(s) which require a single account restore? Most web hosts does not provide this service.

Some that do will only perform weekly backups and it will cost you to have them restore it. But, what if you just wanted to have the backup file to restore it somewhere else and fast? By using our service, you will have total independence of your web host. You can move freely whenever you feel like it.


Lets us help you get your website Organically Ranked, and develop a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign with in your budget.

We can perform Keywords research and set the tags on each website page.