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Enterprise Mobility: Apple iPhone 4S Unveiled: 10 Things You Need to Know About It

By Don Reisinger on 2011-10-05


When Apple announced its Oct. 4 press event last week, there was non-stop hype and speculation about what the company would actually announce. People everywhere wanted to hear how Steve Jobs was doing, how Tim Cook would perform in his first event as CEO and, perhaps most importantly, what Apple’s plans were for the iPhone. But as the Oct. 4 event played out, it was clear that the announcements wouldn’t be as exciting and as significant as in years past. Cook was on stage for a very short time, compared with his other executives, and Jobs wasn’t mentioned once during the event. What’s more, all the speculation that Apple would announce two new iPhones was laid to rest after the company showed off a single new handset, the iPhone 4S. As expected, the iPhone 4S isn’t a major update over its predecessor, the iPhone 4. And some say Apple should have done more to make it a worthwhile purchase for those on the fence about owning an iPhone. Even so, the iPhone 4S is notable and so smartphone buyers around the world should understand what makes it special. Flip through this eWEEK slide show to learn more about the iPhone 4S:

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A 64GB Version

As video becomes more popular and consumers record more content, they need additional storage. That’s why Apple’s decision to offer a 64GB version of the iPhone 4S is such an important move on the company’s part. Digital content, like video, apps and music, takes up a lot of storage capacity and tends to pile up over time. It’s about time Apple acknowledged that and accommodated customers’ storage needs.

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