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In response to CNN’s MoneyTechs article

“Apple’s innovation problem is real” by CNN MoneyTech

Here is my perspective on Apple’s innovation…

Regarding the CNN article. Once again the media establishments miss the point and miss-represent the information.

When Apple introduced their first successful consumer product, the iPod, I agree they were not the first. I disagree that Apple learns from other manufacturers mistakes and introduce a highly polished product! The first iPod had enormous limitations. iTunes was in its infancy, any music purchased was watermarked and had severe restriction, a few years later Apple removed this limitation.
The first iPhone also were missing obvious features… You could not copy and paste between apps. Only one app could be running at a time. Integration between apps were extremely limited.

On Tuesday Apple will release two new versions of the iPhone 5, the 5S and multicolored 5C.
IOS7 will be released and enhancements to iTunes and AppleTV.

AppleTV has been held back by Licensing issues with content owners. Netflix is showing how to resolve this issue. Two years ago I was talking to a director at Apple about content creation. Expect them to enter this arena, so they can control every aspect of the ecosystem and not be held to ransom by studios and cable companies. They will have to talk to Apple, much like the music industry fought Apple, then had to do the deal!!

Apple’s iWatch will follow later this year ready for the Holiday Season. I believe it will be loved and be in great demand, but as with their other first generation products will have major limitations, but will soon be resolved with a software update. Others have been first here too!

Apple will be releasing their TV, something they have been ready to do for years now. Since before Steve’s death!! Licensing being the major contributing delaying factor. They will create their own content, and make licensing deals with studios and cable companies. Most under 30 year olds have cut the cord and the industry has not addressed this… Apple has!!

I agree with the article regarding Siri. Siri is in its infancy, been a pet project ready for primetime.
Most car manufactures have licensed Siri for their cars. iWatch and AppleTV will use Siri.
Another new tech, iPhone 5S will introduce fingerprint security. They bought a company two years ago and are ready to be launched. Initially the use will be on the new iPhone 5S, but expect integration everywhere!!

Integration is the most important, and will keep the competition scrambling! What will keep all this working? iCloud, iTunes (and iTunesRadio), and of course Siri and Fingerprint verification

The questions regarding Tim Cook and Apple need to be asked and addressed, but lets report the facts not emotion.

An Apple Fan with objectivity!!