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This past Tuesday, Apple announced the new iPhones, the iPhone 5s and the cheaper, plastic iPhone 5c, which, I must confess, looks cool. If I were going to go for a 5c, I’d definitely be after the green one.

However, I have to check whether my current, two year AT&T contract allows me to upgrade my iPhone without a penalty. That said, I will be upgrading to the new mobile operating system, iOS 7, which is coming out next Wednesday, September 18th. Needless to say, I’ll be blogging about tips and tricks, as I discover them on iOS 7. In the meantime, if you’re going to upgrade to iOS 7 like me, you should always back up your iPhone data first, just in case.

Upgrading your iPhone’s software has always been easy to do. Normally, you will be alerted that an upgrade is available when a circled number appears on the Settings icon, (as shown below), in the Home screen. 
If the alert doesn’t automatically show up, when you plug your iPhone into your computer, iTunes itself will alert you that there is a new software upgrade available.


The new software upgrade is usually available ‘over the air’, so your iPhone doesn’t have to be connected to your computer in order to upgrade it, i.e. you can upgrade via your Wi-Fi connection. However, I’m a bit cautious about this and always plug my iPhone into my computer while I’m upgrading, again, just in case. Do make sure, though, that you have a current back up of your iPhone data before you upgrade. Even if you back up to iCloud, I would strongly recommend backing up to your computer through iTunes as well, because the back up to your computer is a full back up. The back up to iCloud is only of the ‘most important data’ on your iPhone.  Here’s how to back up.

Simply plug your iPhone into your computer. If iTunes is set to open when a device is connected, then iTunes becomes selected and you will see your device appear in the left sidebar under Devices. Select your iPhone. (If iTunes is set to open manually, simply open iTunes and you will see your device).


Under the Summary option, as shown in the screen shot below, you will see a choice of where to back up your iPhone, either to iCloud or to the connected computer. Choose Back Up NowYou can also see when you last backed up your iPhone.


iTunes will now create a full back up of all your iPhone’s text, contacts, schedule, etc. If you set Backups either to Automatically Back Up to iCloud or your computer, iTunes will perform a back up whenever you connect your iPhone to your computer. Whichever back up option you choose, make sure you back up before you upgrade to iOS 7.