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Apple refreshes iPod touch: Now in white, 8GB model dropped to $199, available October 12

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October 4, 2011 at 11:00 am

Apple’s marketing honcho Phil Schiller took it upon himself to unveil a brand new iPod touch, which now includes both black and white versions at $199 each (remember, we called both). It’s Apple’s “most popular iPod”, Schiller remarked, adding:

It’s thin, it has the Retina Display. HD video. Gyro. Amazing gameplay. It’s the most popular music player, and the #1 portable game player.

It looks the same as the fourth-generation iPod touch, which was available only in black. It now comes in both black or white and the 8GB version starts out at just $199, which is a new breakthrough price. Apple is clearly positioning the gizmo as a portable gaming machine and aiming directly at Sony and Nintendo.

So, the new iPod touch lineup now looks like this: The 8/16/32GB white or black iPod touch for $199/$299/$399. It goes on sale October 12. Sweet.