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Hard Drive File, USB Stick Data and Camera Memory Card Photo Recovery


Digital photography opens up a world of possibilities, including corrupt memory cards or accidentally erasing your pictures. MacDaddy can process our recovery service to restore lost JPEGs, RAW files and movies.

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You Saved My Bacon Today

Just wanted to let you know, you saved my bacon today. For whatever reason my card was working fine in my camera. I could preview images. They were there. Then I plugged the card into the computer to import and nothing was there. I put it back in the camera and they were gone. I found MacDaddy and next thing I know you recovered the images. Thank you SO MUCH! I would have lost a whole morning’s work doing 20+ headshots!



MacDaddy Saved The Day

Thank you. CardRaider saved the day. My daughter just returned from a six week archaeological dig at the north rim of the Grand Canyon with 453 photos on her XD picture card.
She began downloading them to iPhoto but something went wrong. Only 38 of the 453 photos downloaded and the XD card was now blank. To use the word heartbroken would be a huge understatement. CardRaider recovered all 453 photos! Thanks again.

Dan Strong

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