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iCloud climbs to 85 million users

By   posted Jan 24th 2012 5:58PM

It seems like only yesterday Apple unveiled iCloud to the world at WWDC, just a puff of vapor. Now look at it. The company has just confirmed the service has swelled to 85 million users as part of its Q1 2012 earnings call. That’s more than twice as many iPhones as it sold in the same period, but of course it’s worth noting that iCloud is, of course, free, so there’s no penalty in people sticking their head in and seeing how things feel.

iCloud stores your music, photos, documents, and more and wirelessly pushes them to all your devices. Automatic, effortless, and seamless — it just works.Watch the iCloud video

Your content. On all your devices.

iCloud is so much more than a hard drive in the sky. It makes it quick and effortless to access just about everything on the devices you use every day. iCloud automatically and securely stores your content so it’s always available to your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, or PC. It gives you access to your music, apps, latest photos, and more from whichever device you happen to be using. And it keeps your email, contacts, and calendars up to date across all your devices. No syncing required. No management required. In fact, no anything required. iCloud does it all for you.

Comes with every new Apple device.

Every new iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch comes with iOS 5. And every new Mac comes with OS X Lion. Which means the new Apple devices you purchase are all ready for iCloud, right out of the box.

Simple to use. Simple to set up.

iCloud is easy to use, and setting it up is no exception. It takes only a few steps before all your important stuff is up to date on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and PC. Learn how to set up iCloud

Free gets you a lot.

When you sign up for iCloud, you automatically get 5GB of free storage. And that’s plenty of room, because of the way iCloud stores your content. Your purchased music, apps, books, and TV shows, as well as your Photo Stream, don’t count against your free storage. Since your mail, documents, Camera Roll, account information, settings, and other app data don’t use as much space, you’ll find that 5GB goes a long way. And if you need more storage, you can easily purchase astorage upgrade right from your device.

The apps you use every day are ready for iCloud.

When you update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to iOS 5, your favorite Apple apps become seamlessly integrated with iCloud. Just like that. So all your content and information is available and up to date, no matter which device you’re using.

iTunes in the Cloud

Download your music whenever and wherever you want it.Learn more

Photo Stream

Automatically push new photos to all your devices.
Learn more

Documents in the Cloud

View and edit the same document on whichever device you’re using.Learn more

Apps, Books, and Backup

Your content. Stored, backed up, and with you wherever you are.Learn more

Calendar, Mail, and Contacts

iCloud keeps your info up to date, everywhere you need it.Learn more

Find My Friends
and Find My iPhone

Share your location with friends. And locate your device if you misplace it. Learn more