WiFi Survey

Are you having issues with your WiFi Internet connection in home or at your business?

MacDaddy now offers a WiFi Survey. Where we visit your premises and run tests to see what is causing your WiFi woes.

We offer three different cost tiered plans for your convenience and budget.

1 – WiFi Monitor is a realtime study of your WiFi Routers and Access Points (AP’s).
This is the most basic service and will record your WiFi signals in one area over a period of 30 minutes.
You will receive a email with the graph, and summary of issues found with suggestions to improve your WiFi service.
Cost: $150

Signal to Noise Monitor

2 – WiFi Survey is where we use a blueprint or floor-plan of your premises, and take reading to determine the WiFi Signal Level, Signal to Noise Ratio, Quantity of Access Points, Noise Level, Signal to Interference Ratio, Frequency Band Coverage, PHY Mode, Download Speed, Upload Speed, Wireless Transmit Rate, and Troubleshooting. After all the data is analyzed a pdf report will be emailed to you with suggestions to improve your WiFi service.
Cost: Starts at $500 (depending on size of premises).

Premises WiFi Survey

3 – If you do not have an Architect Blueprint or Floor-plan of the premises we can survey the premises and create a basic floor-plan to use with Item #2.
Cost: Starts at $300 (depending on size of premises).

For more details contact me by email or telephone (310) 597-4644.